Tuesday 16 April 2024


As a system designed by property managers, for property managers, our user base is made up primarily of likeminded New York City property mangers. In our continued development of EMPOWER NY, we have learned a lot through the interactions with those users. One overarching trend that we discovered was a general frustration with New York City policies, and an unawareness of some of their nuances.

Our goal in creating Manage New York is to directly address issues facing property managers. While there is a glut of publications devoted to the New York real estate industry, most are not focused on the day-to-day challenges that managers are all to familiar with. These pages are designed to educate and enlighten, but more importantly, to remind managers that they are not in this alone.

We look forward to watching this magazine evolve as we hear back from our readers. Our commitment to bringing you relevant information, topical news and straightforward analysis, however, will not change. We will continue to be driven by the adage that knowledge is power.

Manage New York is Published quarterly by Manage Publications.

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