Thursday 04 June 2020

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By now, you’ve surely been inundated with online and direct mail advertisements alerting you to the upcoming energy benchmarking deadline. Many contain foreboding text about new laws and increased regulation, implying that without their expertise, you will be left vulnerable. […]

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We’ve all made a to-do list at some point in our lives. Perhaps to keep track of an important project, an attempt to stay organized, or just a

The first priority for any property owner or manager is to operate their buildings cost effectively while providing residents with all their required services. There’s lots of buzz

Rules and regulations from New York City government agencies change on a constant basis. While new or revised laws are often meant to be protective for tenants and

The venerable “Paperless Office” has been a perennial buzz-term ever since computers revolutionized our offices. However, for many, going paperless is still seen as just a lofty goal,

Under the Rent Stabilization Code and NYC Housing Maintenance Code, landlords of rent-stabilized apartments must paint or cover the walls and ceilings of the apartment at least every

Anyone who has ever contested a rent overcharge complaint with the DHCR, is painfully aware of the considerable battle that it is. The heart of every rent overcharge

Each year, NYC’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) issues thousands of lead violations to property owners. Many of these violations are true lead hazards, tested by

There is never a bad time for building owners to lower their tax bills in order to improve cash flow. One of the best strategies available to do

The scenario plays itself out all to frequently. It starts with an urgent message that a tenant has been making renovations in her apartment without prior authorization, although

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